How it Works

On average in India, it takes $35 a month to free a child or a woman from oppression and poverty through educational and empowerment initiatives. Every item on this site has a built in profit of around $35. So with every purchase we donate 100% of all profits to Dayspring International that is dedicated to freeing women, children and whole communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through education, healthcare, faith communities, economic development, advocacy, and anti­trafficking initiatives. So then with every purchase on this site a child, a woman, a whole community is one step closer to freedom in mind, body and spirit thanks to you.

The more you buy the more lives are rescued. The more you tell your friends the more people are saved. The more people see ‘FREE  A CHILD’ on the jewelry you wear the more will hear. The more that hear... the more children are free.

So jewelry can change the world. It can free a child. One piece at a time. One wear at a time. One life at a time.

Story of a changed life...
(pictures and testimony copy to come)

If you would like to get more involved please contact or give directly to Dayspring International. FREE A CHILD jewelry is a personal endeavor by Shawna Gilman to try and raise funds and awareness to help support the great work of Dayspring International.