Jewelry can’t change the world. But it can help to rescue a child in need. And that’s a great beginning to make a change.

FREE A CHILD® is a collection of individually selected and crafted jewelry and goods meant to inspire, uplift, get second looks, and make you fashion forward in an unique stand out way. It’s not your average looking jewelry. It’s bold. It’s different. And best of all, it makes a big impact.

Every FREE A CHILD piece of jewelry that you purchase from this site does indeed FREE A  CHILD. 100% of all profits are donated to rescue those enslaved in India.

Through child sponsorship, women’s empowerment, and church worker support our charity of choice, Dayspring International, is able to provide education, healthcare, economic development, advocacy, and anti­trafficking initiatives that create faith communities across India in Jesus’ name. These efforts combine to FREE children, women, and entire communities from oppression, poverty, and ignorance. Most of all, the efforts demonstrate God’s love for them in meaningful real ways that in turn, change their lives forever.

What better way to look good than by first doing good?

It has to start somewhere, so buy some jewelry as an act of kindness to a stranger.  Enjoy wearing it. Encourage your friends to do the same. Every time you purchase, a life is rescued from oppression and poverty. Every time a purchase is made a life changes forever. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  

Let’s change the world together: one piece and one life at a time.